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where and how exactly i could use jr pass ?

where and how exactly I could use JR Pass ?

Hi, I'm planning my trip to Japan in November for 12 days. Arriving and leaving at Tokio, then would like to see Kyoto-Nara-Hiroshima and maybe Miyasaki. I think JR pass will help me save some money and my journey. I do understand that I could use pass on Shinkansen routes and I'm wonder if could be use also on local trains within Tokyo, Kjoto etc, simply as long as it is operated by JR or am I wrong ? For example I will arrive at HND airport and I thought that I may activate my JR pass there ( hope they will be still open at 23,30 ? when I arrive ) and use my pass to get myself from airport to down town ? Thank you very much for any idea help...


Hello there,

The JR Pass would offer amazing value for your itinerary and covers travel to all the places you wish to visit. It also includes travel on the local JR network in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

The JR Pass also covers the monorail between Haneda Airport - Tokyo, however the exchange office is not open late at night, it is open between 7:45-18:30. Arriving late at Haneda Airport can be a problem as most public transport shuts down at midnight. The only options to travel into Tokyo at this hour is either a night bus from Haneda or use an expensive taxi. Be sure to plan your arrival in advance.

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Hi Daniel,
many thanks for your kind help, you do great service and I'm very thankful and will do exactly follow your instructions. All the very best Rick


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