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when will it be send? when it will arrive?

When will it be send? when it will arrive?


I'm travelling to Japan on the 12th June, and I would need my JRP at least on the 11th June.

If I order this weekend will it arrive on time?

I'm from Portugal, and it will be a National Holiday on the 10th June, therefore I'm afraid it won't arrive!

Can anyone help me ?




Hi there,

All orders placed in the weekend are dispatched the next Monday, shipping to Portugal is next day, this means that you will arrive it the following Tuesday 11th. We ship with Fedex Express which is very fast and reliable.

I don't know that much about Dia de Portugal, or how it is treated by Fedex. So you may want to give them a call too, on their expected shipping time.

Enjoy Japan!

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