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when is the best time to buy jr pass? + reserved and non-reserved seats

When is the best time to buy JR pass? + reserved and non-reserved seats

Hi, so as the title says, when is the best time to buy JR pass (regular one) if we arrive in Haneda on april 1? we are planning to use it for Kyoto and Would you also explain about the reserved and non-reserved seats? we still don't fully understand, especially if we do buy JR pass, are we guaranteed that we will get seats? (we know that we should exchange it to actual tickets later)

please if you could explain thanks :)



Hello there,

The JR Pass can be purchased up to 90 days before activation. My advise would be to purchase one 30 days or so beforehand, this way you are sure everything is handled well beforehand.

Reserving seats does indeed mean secure seating, seat reservations can be made at any JR station in Japan.

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