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what should i buy ?

what should i buy ?

Hello Jr Expert , first im gonna show you guys my ititenary:
17-22 January i will be in Tokyo and plannig to go to Mt.Fuji , Gala Yuzawa, Disneylànd and Disneysea
22-24 i will be in Kyoto
24-26 Arrived at Osaka from Kyoto

Question : What the best Jr Pass should i buy?
I want the pass that include train inside the town

Do i have to buy 2 pass ( 1 Kanto area / Jr east pass + 1 Jr West Pass ) ?

How do I get to Kyoto from Tokyo ?

What the most efficient train to buy ?

Thankyou all


Hello there,

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I checked your route to see what the best option would be and I recommend a 7 day (nation wide) JR Pass. You can use it for travel to and within Tokyo, part of the way to Fuji, Disneyland/sea, Galayuzawa and to Kyoto. The 7 day JR Pass is about the price of a return ticket Tokyo - Gala Yuzawa and to Kyoto. So any additional travel is basically what you save.

To travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, simply take a bullet train directly from Tokyo to Kyoto station.

Hope this helps,

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