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what kind of pass would be best?

What kind of pass would be best?

Myself and my girlfriend will be arriving in japan for 10 days in November coming in from Narita airport and staying in Tokyo for the duration. We plan to stay within the tokyo area (Shibuya, Akiharabara, Harajuku) for most of it but we want to go out to around Mt Fuji and Hakone National Park area as well
I was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions

1)Does the JR Pass cover the tokyo metro?
2)What is the best pass to get to cover what we would like to do?


A JR Pass would not work for you - it is for long distance travel. And JR Passes don't cover city subways/buses. For within Tokyo, if you will be traveling all over the city, look into a subway day pass - the 3 day is the most economical if you will go all over. See:

and coming from Narita, the Keisei+Metro package might suit you:

For Hakone, look into a Hakone Free Pass:

Otherwise, depending on where you want to go, a JR Kanto Area Pass might save you some money:

Good luck.


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