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what kind of pass to buy

what kind of pass to buy

We're wondering whether its worth buying a pass or not. We have 5 days in osaka at the end of a cruise and would like to visit Kyoto and Hiroshima from Osaka. Should we be buying one of the 4 day regional passes or are we as well to just pay as we go or get the 7 day pass. We would like to at least experience one very fast train ride. Thanks in anticipation.


Hi there!

I think that it would be best to look at normal tickets or if you expend your travel a little a 7 day JR pass. Traveling to Hiroshima is somewhat pricey (¥ 10,350/one way) but alone it would not pay for a 7 day JR Pass, however adding a little to your itinerary could make the JR Pass become worth it. For instance a visit to Miyajima, Nara and/or Kobe would get you a long way.
The JR Pass is also valid for local travel to Kyoto and within Osaka, so all together you could be making savings fast. The main reason however I'd consider a JR Pass is that you just have one ticket for all your travel, making getting around a lot more convenient.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your helpful answer, Daniel. We're going to go with the JR Pass, it seems the most simplest and easiest


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