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what does it includes

What does it includes

I will be traveling to Japan next year for a little more than 2 weeks and have decided to buy the JR pass. I wanted to understand what does it includ, regarding the transportation alternatives available.

I guess it's important to say that I plan to stay in Tokyo and end in Kyoto but will travel around a bit with some side trips while in those two cities, but also to travel to Nikko and Takayama in between. So, do I need to buy something else besides the JR pass traveling in Japan, like traveling on the urban areas or so?

I've read that you need also a prepaid card like Suica to travel on urban areas, but I am not sure how it works really.



Hello there,

The JR Pass covers the nationwide JR Network, in addition to a couple of other stuff, such as the Tokyo Monorail, Ferry to Miyajima and different JR bus services. We have a cool map with everything covered for you here.

A Suica (or IC card) can be very useful for local travel on transport systems not included by the JR Pass, think of the Tokyo Metro for instance. More about Suica here.

Hope this helps,

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