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want to travel to tokyo-osaka-kyoto, should i get japan pass

want to travel to tokyo-osaka-kyoto, should I get japan pass

We will be traveling (a family of four) to japan on November 23. I read about the japan rail pass and wanted to purchase a 7 day pass. I have a few questions.
first we will be arriving on the 23rd but I would like to activate my pass on the 24 to be able to travel from Narita to Tokyo on the train. We will stay 3 days in Tokyo and then travel to Osaka and stay there 3 days and from Osaka go to Kyoto. I do not have a pass for the 8th day. What should I do? Is the 7 day pass a good option? I thought about renting a car since we are a family of four but I was told parking is very hard in Tokyo.
How do I travel within Tokyo or Osaka, do the rail passes also cover local buses or do I need to buy more bus tickets?
Thank you


Hi there!

The JR Pass is a very good option if you make travel a couple of times between different regions in Japan. For instance it can quickly pay off if you make a return Tokyo - Kyoto or Tokyo - Osaka with it. Since you plan to go one way it is better to buy normal tickets, because you would not cover the price of the JR Pass. Also Kyoto and Osaka are pretty close and a train ticket is just 540 yen for a one way trip. If you do return to Tokyo, that a 7 day JR Pass would become a good option, the JR Pass does cover local JR lines in both Tokyo and Osaka which are enough to reach most important places in both cities.

Renting a car can be a great option if you plan to explore some of Japanese nature. In urban areas it is much better to travel by public transport as traffic jams are frequent and people drive on the left side, which may be inconvenient depending where you are from.

I hope this helps!

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