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wait times at jr station at narita terminal 1?

Wait times at JR Station at Narita Terminal 1?

A friend of mine got into Narita yesterday and said it took over an hour to get his JR pass tickets redeemed. Is this typical? I will be arriving at 4PM on Saturday and curious what to expect in terms of wait times.


Hi there,

This is pretty hard to say, I've exchanged my JR Pass 5 times @ Narita Airport and never had to wait more than 5 min. However we've had feedback from customers who have had to wait over 1H. It really depends on what flights are landing at the same time and how many people decide to activate their JR Pass.

Major stations in Tokyo, such as Ueno, Shinjuku or Tokyo station are generally less crowded so you may want to exchange your JR Pass at a later point if possible.

Hope this helps!

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