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voucher exchange for sanyo san'in pass in hiroshima

Voucher exchange for Sanyo San'in pass in Hiroshima

I arrive HIJ Saturday but it seems I can exchange the voucher only at Hiroshima Station, which means I have to buy a bus then train ticket to get to Hiroshima Station. Is that correct?

Is there not a JR counter at the HIJ airport where I can exchange and activate the pass? It makes it a lot more expensive landing in Japan's many airports if you then have to spend to get to where you can exchange and activate the pass. - Msk


Hi there,

There is no exchange location at Hiroshima airport (simply because there is no JR station). I recommend travelling to Hiroshima and exchanging your voucher there.

Hope this helps,

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It does not help except to learn not to fly into an airport that does not have a JR exchange office. Given we have a nearly 2 hour trip to reach our hotel and will also now have to pay for this journey on top, taking one trip away from the pass saving, it's not a good omen for the rest of our trip. Anyway, we all have to pay to learn.


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