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voucher and train availability

Voucher and Train availability


I want to be sure before I buy JR Pass about following questions:

1) I want to travel between Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo. Will the pass help? Will it be cheaper to buy seperate tickets?
2) Is there a way to print the voucher instead of having it shipped to me?

Thank you for your answers.

Belin Eskinazi


Hi Belin Eskinazi,

1.) Simply answer: YES! The JR Pass covers all these places and is the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka, so it will be easy to make savings.

2.) The JR Pass needs the physical voucher in order to be activated, meaning that it can only be shipped to you. Our shipping is very fast and reliable and free of charge for many countries in the world!

I hope this helps!

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