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visit nara-todaiji temple

Visit Nara-Todaiji temple

Hi All

Please advise how to get to Todaiji temple in Nara by JRpass from Osaka Namba station. Can you let me know which station is the closest one to get off from Nara to get to the Todaji temple?

I will come from Osaka to Nara, as I have searched the Hypermedia, can I use JRpass on the following JR?
JR Yamatoji line Rapid service
JR Yamatoji line Regional Rapid service
JR Yamatoji line Local


Dung Hoang


Hi there,

You can use the JR Yamatoji Line Rapid Service directly from JR-Namba station to Nara using the JR Pass.

The train services you mention are all covered by the JR Pass.

Its easy to explore Nara on foot from Nara station, there is also a 100yen bus to Todaiji.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks again


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