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validity length in days? + reserving seats

validity length in days? + reserving seats

Hi there
just checking that the 7 day pass starts the day you activate it and ends exactly 7 days later. So if I wanted to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka and back again to Tokyo...if I left on 3rd July and came back on the 9th July, my 7 day pass would cover this OK?

Secondly, is it possible to pick up the pass, activate it and reserve a seat Tokyo to Kyoto, all in the one transaction.....? I'm mindful that we have to activate and start using it right away. But I also want to be able to activate and then reserve a seat and then travel to Kyoto, all in the space of a few hours if possible.


Hi Samantha,

Yes, the Japan Rail Pass validity is measured in full days rather than hours. This means if your first date of use was the 3rd of July, the last day of use would be the 9th.

You will be able to pick up the pass and then will have to go to the JR ticket counter (midori guchi) to place your actual reservation. This shouldn't add much more time to your itinerary, but will require 2 transactions rather than 1. Here is a blog post about making seat reservataions that you should find handy.

Hope this helps!

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