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using the jr pass within and between cities...

Using the JR Pass within and between cities...

I am arriving to Narita Airport on April 1st. I will be spending the night in Tokyo and then headed to Hiroshima on the 2nd. I will then make my way back during the week while I make stops at Kyoto, Kawaguchiko, and then reach Tokyo on April the 6th. I won't be flying out until the evening of the 9th from Narita.

Should I pay for a one way ticket from Narita to Shinjuku and then activate my pass the 2nd to make all of my longer trips on the pass?

Then I have three days in Tokyo and read that I am not going to be able to use my pass for the subway system? How much extra is the subway passes?

Thank you for your assistance :)


Hi there!

I think i'd activate the JR Pass on arrival and use it up until the 7th. This will let you use it to it's maximum, all your long trips will be covered, and sometimes simple is best!

From the 6th onwards, you're right that you won't be able to use your pass on the Tokyo subway. Each subway trip is around ¥190, and you can purchase pre-paid cards at all major stations which will make things easier for you.

Hope this helps!

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