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using the jr pass to book tickets

Using the JR Pass to book tickets

Hi there

I've just got a few questions using the JR pass to book Shinkansen tickets for my holiday between 27/08/14 to 03/09/14

1) I want to travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo on 28/08/14 but on a day visit (going to the Peace Museum)--now I understand that I would have to travel early morning from Tokyo so that I could return in the late evening but please could you tell me if I should activate my JR Pass when I arrive in Tokyo on 27/08/14 and then immediately book my return tickets (Im travelling with my wife) for Hiroshima or shall I activate my JR pass for the 28/08/14 and then go to Tokyo train station in the early morning of the 28/08/14 and just get my tickets then.

2) I'm also planning to go to Osaka the following day on 29/08/14 again for a day visit (going to the Kaiyukan Aquarium)--now would it be easier if I just booked the Hiroshima and Osaka tickets together or would that be confusing.

3) Also when I do book the shinkansen tickets is it fairly straight forward--what I mean is that would the staff be bi-lingual or would I have to learn specific Japanese phrases to book the tickets

Sorry for the long essay and I would appreciate any help



Hi Naz,

1.) What you could do is activate your JR Pass upon arrival but select the 1st day of use for the 28th. This would allow you to reserve tickets for the next day as well, without having to do the the following morning.

So activate your JR Pass on the 27th, select the start date for the 28th and make ticket reservations on the 27th for the next day.

2.) You could just reserve these tickets at the same time as well. If you wish to avoid confusion, bring a printed list with travel time and dates.

3.) It works without having to speak Japanese. Not all staff members speak very good English but every desk has a calender and clock as well. So you can at the right time, the JR Staff also does this to confirm the booking.

Hope this helps!

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