questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

using the j.r pass

Using the J.R Pass


can you please advise whether is it advisable to buy JR pass for my trip ?
my itinerary as follow ;

Tokyo >>> yokohama

Yokohama>>> Kawaguchiko lake

Kawaguchiko lake>>>Nagoya




and, i'm a little confused about the fare price in Hyperdia,
let's say I search for this trip : kawaguchiko >>> nagoya

example: it says the total is 12000Yen(fare + seat fee), does that means the ticket is without seat??


Hi there,

In Hyperdia, always look at the Total:¥. This is the price that you will pay for the ticket. The Ticket and Seat Fee are the components that the price consists off.

Ticket is the price for travel on local services, while Fare is the extra charge for special trains such as Shinkansen and ltd. express trains.

As for ticket prices, I checked the route for you but they don't add up enough to make savings with a JR Pass. However you can make savings with a JR Pass if you made a return to Tokyo from Osaka.

Hope this helps!

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thank you Daniel ,

however, for the fare price, this means if i got JR rail way pass and if i travel from tokyo to kyoto, i'll still be charged for the fare fees but not the ticket fee?

Total:¥ 14,650(TicketFare:¥ 8,750 Seat Fee:¥ 5,900) Commuting ticket ;

example : i will still need to pay 5,900¥ even though i got JR rail pass???


The JR Pass covers all charges and you can travel without paying anything extra :)

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thank you Daniel,

Daniel, if i buy 7 days pass and i use it on 26th Dec, when will it expires, 1 Jan or 2nd Jan??

how is the calculation counted?

26th - 27th = 1 days


26th ( the day i use ) = 1 day


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