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using one jr rail pass in jr east/jr west

Using one JR Rail Pass in JR East/JR West


I have some questions about buying the JR Rail Pass. If i buy a pass for 21 days, i want know if i can travel in those cities with the pass:

Osaka to Himeji

Osaka to Okayama

Okayama to hiroshima

Hiroshima to Kyoto

Kyoto to Yokohama

Yokohama to Tokyo

Tokyo to Yamanashi

Yamanashi - Tokyo

Tokyo to Tochigi

Tochigi to Tokyo

--- x ---

Using the, i made that travel:

With the pass, i will travel to Hiroshima - Kyoto? No extra cost? JR have some bus too, right?

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks for the support!




Hi there!

Yes, you will have no problem visiting all those locations with the JR Pass with no extra cost provided you do not use nozomi or mizuho class bullet trains (all other classes are valid). I have plotted all your destinations on a map for you for your reference.

JR does operate some buses however you should check at JR stations on arrival whether the bus you intend to use is valid for use with the JR Pass as this does change periodically.

Hope this helps!

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Mari, you're amazing. Thanks for the help. The map is great! :D

I'm buying the pass right now.

Thanks again! :)


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