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using jr pass on my trips

Using JR Pass on my trips

I will arrive at Kansai Airport on 9 July morning, with the planned itinerary:
Thu 9 July - Osaka, go to Kobe half day, back to Osaka and explore the famous place
Fri 10 July - Osaka-Kyoto
Sat 11 July - Kyoto
Sun 12 July - Kyoto-Tokyo in the morning, and Tokyo-Toyama in the afternoon
Mon 13 July - Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, and going back to Tokyo at night (Toyama-Tokyo)
Tue 14 July - Disney Sea
Wed 15 July - Tokyo-Kawaguchiko
Thu 16 July - Kawaguchiko-Gotemba and Gotemba-Tokyo, explore Tokyo
Fri 17 July - Tokyo all day..
Sat 18 July - Back from Haneda airport

Will JR Pass 7 days really useful and economic for me, compared to single ticket for the trip?
If using JR Pass, should I activate the pass when I arrive at Kansai airport? Consider the pass validity is for 7 days while my trip is longer than that.
May I get the best suggestion to make the JR Pass fully utilized, especially on the trip Tokyo-Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchiko-Gotemba and Gotemba-Tokyo.
Thank you very much for your kind assistance.


Hello there,

I checked your itinerary to see what would be the best option. Any must conclude that for your itinerary it is better to buy normal tickets as you travel because they will cost less than a 7 day JR Pass. This would be a different story if you returned to Kansai Airport.

As for Kawaguchiko and surrounding area, you can use the bus to travel between these places. Which is the most economic way without a JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Daniel, many thanks and really appreciate your quick reply..

It becomes my consideration for using JR Pass, because the fares from Tokyo-Toyama by Shinkansen is JPY 12,730 for one way, and that means will be JPY 25,460 for round trip.
That makes me think that the 7day JR Pass that cost JPY 29,110 will be better option, beside other Shinkansen trip such as Shin-Osaka-Kyoto and Kyoto-Tokyo.

But based on your reply, it will be cost less for me to buy normal ticket per trip, as I don't return to Kansai Airport at the end of my trip.

Thanks and sorry for reply again...



Hi Peggy,

You are correct, read that you would go via Kyoto to Toyama instead of via Tokyo. This because it adds a lot more travel time. However a JR Pass does become a lot more interesting if you want to travel via Tokyo first. Also note that if you finish the Kurobo Alpine route, then you will end up near Shinano-Omachi station. This is quite a trip to Toyama. In your words you'd have to adjust your route from there or turn back somewhere on the Kurobe Alpine route itself.

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Ups..thanks for the correction..
What I should write is after the Kurobe Alpine Route, I will go back to Tokyo via Shinano-Omachi station, not via Toyama.

Actually from Kyoto, I go to Tokyo first, instead of starting my Alpine route from Kyoto.

So the best economical option is using JR Pass for my trips.
Thanks a lot for your help..



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