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using jr pass for hakone, osaka and kyoto

Using JR pass for Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto


We are planning a 14-day trip to Tokyo that will include Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto.
It will be from late March, arriving and departing from Haneda airport.

We are open to a 14-day JR pass or 7-day pass.
A friend suggested a 7-day pass to be used only for the longer train rides.

Could you suggest an itinerary for a 14-day trip covering Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto?
And if we were to buy a 7-day pass, could you advise the trains to use for the following:

Tokyo to Hakone: Sunday April 2, stay 2 nights.
Hakone to Osaka: April 4, stay 2 nights
Osaka to Kyoto: April 6, stay 2 nights
Kyoto to Tokyo: April 8

From Hakone, do you suggest we go to Osaka or Kyoto first?
Thank you for your assistance.



Hi there,

Looking at your itinerary, my advise is to get a 7 day JR Pass and use it for travel from April 2nd to April 8th.This would cover all your longer train trips and get the best value out of the JR Pass.

Odawara is directly on the route between Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka. It does not matter if you plan it on the way to Kyoto or on the way back to Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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