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using jr pass

Using JR Pass


Need suggestion - We will be arriving in Osaka on April 30. We will be purchasing the JR Pass 7 days - Ordinary not Green.

  1. We will be taking the Shinkansen Train using JR Pass on May 03 from Osaka to Tokyo.

a. Should I need to make a reservation due to the "Golden Week" in Japan. Do JR pass holder allow to reserve the date and time ahead to avoid the long lines.
b. if we arrived at Tokyo Station - how will we proceed to Century Southern Hotel? What should we use Train or Bus.

  1. On May 4, we will traveling to Gala Yuzawa for ski resort since it is also "Golden Week" do JR pass allow to reserved the time and date ahead to avoid long lines?

  2. How to go to Disneyland from Century Southern Hotel using JR Pass.

Thank you.


Yes, you can make reservations - and with it being a peak travel period, it may be smart to do so. Just go into any JR office. You can do it free with the Pass. As far as your hotel goes, it is right next to Shinjuku Station - rail is the easiest way to get there. See their site:

For Disneyland, info again is readily available from their website:

Good luck.


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