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using jr pass

Using Jr Pass

Hi. can you assist me on my itinenary assuming I acquire the 7 days JR pass.

May 03 - Osaka to Tokyo
May 04 - Tokyo to Gala Yuzawa with return
May 05 - Tokyo to Gotemba premium outlet with return
May 06 - Tokyo to Mt. Fuji and Hakone
May 08 - Tokyo to Yokohama.

  1. What train station should I be boarding?
  2. Do have any other recommendation to see snow from May 05 to May 09 - if using shinkansen train?
  3. How to go to Shinhotaka Ropeway - is JR shinkansen train available to get into this place if travelling from Osaka?

Thank you.


Hello there,

I checked your itinerary to see whether a JR Pass would be useful and you can make some reasonable savings with a 7 day JR Pass by using it from May 3 - May 9.

1.) Almost every station you go to has the same name as the area. This applies for Osaka, Tokyo, Gala Yuzawa, Gotemba and Yokohama. Osaka, does have a special Shinkansen station which is called Shin-Osaka and the Shinkansen station for Hakone is called Odawara.

2.) I would definitely recommend visiting Nikko north of Tokyo. You can also use the Shinkansen to travel there part of the way.

3.) Is a but of a difficult one. It's about 120 minutes by bus from Takayama station. Which in itself takes a good amount of time to travel to from Tokyo or Osaka. I don't see a possibility to plan it in easily. You could combine it with a visit to Takayama but that would mean changing your itinerary a lot. Access details can be found here.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks you for your assistance Daniel-san.


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