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using 7 days jr pass

using 7 days JR Pass

Dear Sir
We are a family of 4 intend to travel to Japan and using the 7 Days JR Pass, can you please advise if the below routing appropriate and details for connection and when and where is the best to start the 7 Days Pass?
20 Dec Arrive TYO Narita airport 2255hrs to Ikebukuro hotel
23 Dec from Ikebukuro then plan to go to Nikko /Kunigawa for 1 night
24 Dec will go to Osaka or Hiroshima which is more appropriate? if Hiroshima will stay 1 night there
25 Dec then go to Osaka for 3 nights to explore Nara and Kyoto
28 Dec back to Tokyo
29 Dec to Narita airport
Thank you for your advice in advance.
Best regards


Hi Leonard,

The route which you plan to travel already is very good. What you could consider changing is visiting Osaka first before making a visit to Hiroshima. Travel from Nikko - Hiroshima takes 443 Minutes (7+ Hours) which may be a bit too much travel on a single day. Then again you could do it all on one way and have most of your travel out of the way.

The JR Pass will cover all of your travel, I would recommend to start using it on Dec 23rd - this way you can cover all your pricey travel and even use to JR Pass to return to Narita Airport.

I think that you may also find out article on how to plan with Hyperdia useful for your planning.

Bon Voyage!

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