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using 2 jr regional passes together

Using 2 JR regional passes together


Here's my planned itinerary for 29 March to 6 April

29 Narita - Tokyo (airport limousine bus or buy JR trip)
30 Tokyo - city day (JR East 5 day flex)
31 Tokyo - Hakone (JR East 5 day flex)
1 Tokyo - Kyoto (JR East 5 day flex/ JR Kansai 4 day)
2 Kyoto - Arashima (JR Kansai 4 day)
3 Kyoto - Koyasan (JR Kansai 4 day)
4 Kyoto - Nara (JR Kansai 4 day)
5 Nara - Tokyo - Nikko (JR East 5 day flex)

6 Tokyo - Narita (JR East 5 day flex)

My question is how do I swap from JR EAST TO KANSAI PASS on *** day?
How much is the ticket I will need from Nara to boundary of JR East pass?

Or might it be cheaper and easier to get 14 day pass?



Hi there,

I would recommend setting the regional passes aside and go for the 7 day JR Pass instead! By using it from 31 - 6, you can cover all expansive travel and make very good savings over normal train tickets at time time time.

Then just buy normal tickets for arrival at Narita Airport and the first 1-2 days in Tokyo.

There is a huge hap between where the JR East pass stops and Kansai pass stops and you'd have spend at least an additional 13,000yen.

Hope this helps,

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I concur - a 7 day Pass would pay off and make more sense. For your first day, you can use a cheap 1000 yen bus into Tokyo:


What a great suggestion! I think that's perfect! Do you recommend getting the Suica card?


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