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Dear Sir

I am going to buy a 14 day rail pass when I visit Japan from 1 May 2016.

I will stay in Japan for 12 days between Kyoto and Tokyo and I plan to do a number of day trip using those two cities as my bases.

Can I use the railpass for the transit system in Tokyo and Kyoto. If not what is the best way to get around the two cities ?

Thanks for your advice




Hi Steve,

The JR Pass is also valid on local JR lines in Tokyo and Kyoto. In Tokyo this is generally enough to see see Tokyo, although some areas such as Asakusa and Odaiba still need other transport.

In Kyoto, the JR is limited to the south and west of the city. In Kyoto I personally love getting a bicycle and explore that way. Otherwise the bus is the best way to explore Kyoto. There is a 500yen bus ticket you can purchase that is valid for a full day of travel.

Hope this helps,

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