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use of jr pass

Use of JR Pass


I am going to Japan next Thursday, and I am wondering if a JR Pass can be used internally in Tokyo, and internally in Kyoto ? Will a JR Pass be valuable in this case ?
I will also travel from Tokyo to Nagano, and from Nagano to Kyoto.
Will a JR Pass be valuable in this case ?

Grateful for answers ! :)


Hi there!

The JR Pass is both usable for travel within Tokyo and for national travel, including travel to Kyoto and Nagano.

Tokyo - Nagano is ¥ 8,200
and Nagano - Kyoto is ¥ 10,930

This alone would not be enough for a JR Pass to be valuable, however I would recommend one if you return to Tokyo after visiting Kyoto.

Hope this helps!


Hi ,

Thanks for answer ! That helped, even though we will not go back to Tokyo from Kyoto...

What about internally in Kyoto ? Is JR Pass usable ?
Do you know if JR Pass can be used from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji as well ?

Very Grateful for answers ! :)


Hi again,

The JR Pass is usable for a limited amount of travel in Kyoto. Such as the Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari and Uji. Other places do require other transport such as the bus or metro.

For Fuji, it really depends on what area around Fuji you plan to visit, however in most cases good savings are to be had there too with the JR Pass. For instance if you visit Kawaguchiko (one of the most popular places around Fuji) the JR Pass will cover travel to Otsuki station, from there you take a non-jr line to Kawaguchiko.


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