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use jr pass in tokyo , nagoya and takayama

Use JR pass in Tokyo , Nagoya and Takayama

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you?

I will go to Tokyo , Nagoya and Takayama. I want to know how to make good use of my JR rail pass.

1st day: HK --> Tokyo Narita


6th day: Tokyo --> Nagoya
7th day: Nagoya --> Takayama, (maybe be go to 金澤 or 下呂市 or富山...etc. depends the time slog)
| 9th day: Takayama --> Nagoya
10th day: Nagoya --> HK

Shall u suggest me to use the JR rail pass? How many day pass i should get? Can I use the JR pass in Takayama, 金澤 or 下呂市 or富山 as well??

Thanks for your kind attnetion and look forward to your reply. Nice day.



Hello there,

I see that you are flying out of Nagoya Airport? In that case I would recommend buying normal tickets as you travel. A JR Pass can be very helpful if you fly out of Tokyo and the JR Pass covers the full route.

It also includes Kanazawa, Gero Onsen and Takayama.

Hope this helps,

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