questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

use jr pass from osaka kyoto nara tokyo back to osaka

use JR Pass from Osaka Kyoto Nara Tokyo back to Osaka

Day 1 - we arrive at 9pm from Kansai Airport. We will check in a hotel near Shin Imamiya

Day 2 - we are still in a hotel near Shin Imamiya. Can you give a JR Pass route for Kyoto/Nara for sight seeing?

  In Kyoto, We plan to go to: 
  Nishiki market, Fushimi-Inari, KinKaku-ji temple, Arashiyama Temple, 

  In Nara, we plan to go to:
  JR Nara have no problem walking down the street dead straight until around 5-storied Pagoda so they car explore Deer Park and surrounds.
  Go to: Kofukuji,Todaiji, Ukimido Hall, Kasuga/Wakamiya Shrine, Nigatsudo, and Great Buddha Hall.

  How many minutes/hours from JR in Nara going back to Shin Imamiya (Osaka) using JR Pass?

Day 3 - checkout from the Osaka Hotel and travel to Tokyo. This means we will use Shinkansen train.

   We are staying in a hotel near Akihabara. 
   Please help and give instructions on how to go to Tokyo from Shin Imamiya.

  How many hours from Osaka to Tokyo? We plan to be in Tokyo so we still have half day to go to Meiji Shrine, Tokto Tower, Imperial Palace.

Day 4 - From hotel near Akihabara. Day trip to Mt.Fuji and Hakone. Is JR Pass possible? Can you help give an itinerary and JR Pass routes.

Day 5 - From hotel near Akihabara, we plan to go to Yokohama and use JR Pass. what are the suggested side trips? We plan to go to Shibuya, Shinjuku and

Day 6 - Checkout to hotel Akihabara and take Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Osaka.

Day 7 - our flight to our country is 8:30pm from Kansai Airport.

Please suggest what itinerary we can have to maximize JR Pass. Thank you very much!


Hello there,

1,2 &3.)
Here is the route Shinimamiya - Kyoto, and Shinimamiya - Nara both are very easy routes and travel time is 30-50 minutes in both instances.

Travel from Shin-Imamiya - Akihabara should take between 3.5h and 4H. Here is the complete route.

4.) Yes you can use the JR Pass for travel to certain regions around Fuji, such as Hakone. To get here travel to Odawara station. Take the Yamanote line to Tokyo station and from there the Shinkansen.

5.) There's a lot to do :) I'd recommend seeing more of Tokyo, there's a lot to see. Ueno, Odaiba and Ginza make for great additional visits and are easy to reach. Consider a visit to Nikko if you wish to see more nature and Japanese history and culture.

Hope this helps and enjoy Japan!

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Thank you Daniel-san :) may I ask how can we go to Hokkaido to see some snow using JR Pass?


Hi there,

Yes that's correct!

Here is the route in Hyperdia&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2014&month=08&day=31&hour=09&minute=22&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&airplane=off&ship=off&bus=off&privately=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7).

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thanks daniel-san.. this is really helpful

On Day 3, we have to go to Tokyo. May I ask how/where do we get a bullet train ticket using JR Pass? What station do we get a bullet train ticket or do we just show JR Pass in Shin-Imamiya station and board a bullet train to Tokyo? Apologies for such a question :)

Can we get in advance all bullet train tickets that we need? Example: Shin-Imamiya to Akihabara. Akihabara to Kamakura (is that correct? we want to go to Yokohama Ramen Museum on Sept.14.


Hi there,

Reserving tickets is easy and can be done at any JR station.Here's how to go about it.

The Shinkansen station for Osaka is Shin-Osaka, it is here where you board the Shinkansen to Tokyo station. At Tokyo, you can then transfer to a local train (Yamanote line) to Akihabara.

Akihabara - Kamakura is traveled on local trains only, local trains don't have any reserved seats. So just get on the train and enjoy the ride!

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どうもありがとう, Dōmo arigatō

1) Another question, how to we to Kansai Airport from JR Kyoto?

2) Does LTD. EXP HARUKA 27 accepts JR Pass, using Route 1 from the link below.

3) Do we have to use this route instead, using Route 3 from the link below.
*If we take Route 3, can we use JR Pass all throughout?

Take time: 99 Minutes Transfer: 3 Times Distance: 94.2 km Total:¥ 4,100(Fare:¥ 1,840 Seat Fee:¥ 2,260)
Time Route Fare Seat Fee UsefulLink

begin   KYOTO

[ Departure track No.13 ]

[14 Min]




transfer    SHIN-OSAKA

[ Arrival track No.23 / Departure track No.16 ]

[4 Min]


JR Kyoto Line Rapid Service



transfer    OSAKA

[ Arrival track No.5 / Departure track No.1 ]

[13 Min]


JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service


transfer    SHINIMAMIYA

[46 Min]


Nankai Airport Exp.

Train timetable | Interval timetable



Hi Again,

Yes the Haruka Express is covered by the JR Pass, so you can travel in comfort to Kansai Airport.

Just remove the ''Private Railway'' section in Hyperdia and you will find only lines covered by the JR Pass.

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