questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

use japan rail pass (14 days )

use Japan rail pass (14 days )

we are travelling few citys in Japan from 26/03 to 12/04/2013, my itinerary is from narita airport to matsumoto, matsumoto to tokyo, tokyo to hiroshima, hiroshima to kyoto, kyoto to osaka
I really concern communicational issue in Japan, hence I want you help me to work out how this JRP works.

who do I reserve the seat for long trips?
how much do I need to pay, it worth to pay extra fee for nozomi instead of seat fee?
could you please kindly give me the timetable for these trips?
I want to take less transfers for each trip if possible.

appreciate your time.



Hi there,

Nice itinerary you have there!
For seat reservations you can go to any ticket office, show your railpass and the staff will make seat reservations for you. There is no extra charge for this.

About the Nozomi,

Unfortunately you can not use the Nozomi train with the JR-Pass, instead use the Hikari or Kodama, the only difference with the Nozomi is that they stop at a couple more stations. If you do want to use the Nozomi you will have to pay the full ticket price.

For Timetables and planning I would recommend using Hyperida, it is a great too that helps you find all kinds of information about your journey. We also have a great blog post that tell you how to use it.

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thank you very much Daniel for your reply,

Hopefully, you are not sick of me, as I have few more questions to ask.

1,no extra fee for reserving seat if using JRP, but on the website of HYPERIDA, showing "seat fee"?
2, JR narita airport express, it's free for JRP holders?
3, in Matsumoto, we will take JR shinonoi line bus from hotel to the shinshu university every day for convention, is that free for JRP?
4, Hou could I recognize trains or buses in Japan is free for JRP?

Really appreciate your time and help.



Hi Ping,

You are more than welcome to ask any question you want here!

1.) Seat reservations with the JR-Pass are completely free of charge, also the seat fee you are referring to in Hyperdia that is needed for Shinkansen and limited express trains is fully covered by the JR-Pass.

2.) Yes you can ride the Narita Express in Style to the heart of Tokyo for free with the JR-Pass. Just be sure to make seat reservations for it, as they are required.

3.) Yes the JR Shinonoi bus line is covered by the JR-Pass, so you can ride it for free.

4.) Any station where JR Lines arrive and depart is marked by JR-Lines. Also local JR-Buses will display this on the bus signs, for bus coverage I would refer to this website. If you are unsure about train lines you can select JR Only in Hyperdia and it show you the route.

Hope this is of use,

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