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urgent - buying pass whilst in japan

Urgent - buying pass whilst in japan


Hope you're well.

I arrived in Tokyo 2 weeks ago and I'm due to be here for another 2 months. 

I wasn't aware that I could only buy the passes, including the  Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto / Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass from inside japan. The route with out the pass is way to expensive for me to afford if I don't have the pass! :(

If I asked a family member to purchase the pass outside the UK and then send to me, or could i get the pass forwarded to my tokyo address? Baring in mind I'm already in tokyo now..

Thanks in advance!



Hi there,

We can ship to Japan but JR only allows us to do so if the order is placed from outside of Japan.

You can ask a family member (or anyone) to place an order online here and fill in your accommodation address in Tokyo.

We will then ship the JR Pass to Japan.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

That's great thank you!

So to confirm - the fact that I've already arrived in japan doesn't mean they won't validate my pass once I have my exchange order? As my passport will state that I arrived 3 weeks ago.

If they will validate it - is this the same for all passes i.e standard japan rail pass as well as the Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto alpine route?

Many thanks,


Hi Stella,

No, your entry date to Japan does not matter.

We also spoke on Facebook about this, let me know if you have any further questions.

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