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unsure of whether we should get the pass?

Unsure of whether we should get the pass?

Hi everyone,

I've been on hyperdia to confirm prices, but it doesn't look like the JR pass will be a huge money saver for us but I thought I would check in case I've missed something. We are looking at getting the 14 day pass and will be moving about every three days. I've worked out that we should save at least $20.00 (up to $50 at this point), and having the pass saves having to try and get out money for each ticket, ect.

On the 7th of October is when I was thinking we would activate the pass. On this day we would go from Shinjuku to Kuchikawaguchiko which is

JR - 2,770 yen + Fujikyu Railway (non JR) - 1,140 yen

10th October Gotembo to Kyoto - 11,640 yen
13th October Kyoto to Gero - 8.920 yen
15th October Gero to Utsunomiya 18,390 yen

and either
Utsunomiya to Nasu - 3,200 yen plus Nasu to Tokyo - 5,910 yen or
Utsunomiya to Saitama - 3,850 plus Saitama to Tokyo - 3,260

Total: either 48,880 yen or 50,880yen depending on whether we go to Saitama or Nasu before going back to Tokyo. During our time in Kyoto we will probably use bikes to get around and I believe we will have access to a car in Ustunomiya. I haven't factored in using local buses as I'm unsure of how many JR buses we can find in Kyoto and in most cases we would try and get accommodation near a train station. We may look at purchasing the passes regardless but it feels like a big investment so I want to research properly. We will probably have to get local buses to get to attractions but don;t know if many of them would be JR buses.

If you could help, that would be great!


Hello there,

You've researched your trip very well and I think you've got a good grasp of everything. You could potentially make additional savings by using the JR Pass for local train travel and to the Airport of it falls within the validity period.

Local buses in many places are run by the local municipally government or other companies. In Kyoto for instance most buses are not included however a very useful bus line to Takao. In general you can find out by searching for the place you wish to visit + access to find the route and required buses. Somehow there's little to no information about buses in Japan available in English in general.

Also good to know may be that within Kyoto the JR Pass also used for rail travel to different sightseeing places, such as Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari and Uji.

Hope this helps!

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