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uncomplete information from passport on jrpass order

Uncomplete information from passport on JRPass order


I've recently bought Japan Rail Pass and I haven't filled out all the details - I have only put first name of my wife on the order. The field in passport says "given names" and when buying JR Pass on the website it states "First name" only (as in passport). The problem is this "s" at the end.

Do you think I will have any troubles obtaining the pass in Japan?


Hi Chris,

It may or it may not, I would ask you to contact us directly here or email us at with your order details and the names as in the passport. This way we can review the situation and and make sure everything is alright.

Best Wishes,

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Hi Chris,

You may have already contact our support email, but just in case I can say that JR only requires the first and surnames names listed in your passport to match your JR Pass order (Middle names are not required). I'm sure our support team will follow up with you, but this should help put your mind at ease in the meantime.

Hope this helps!

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I can finally go to sleep. This helps A LOT, thank you mari!


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