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ueno station tokyo to hakodate ,via oma

Ueno station Tokyo to Hakodate ,via Oma

Is it practical to make the above journey on the same day, i.e. what is the total travel time including probable bus journey Aomori to Oma then ferry from Oma?

Are bus and ferry sections covered with JR Rail Pass?


Hi there!

Do you mean Oma on Shikoku? If so it may be hard to do this travel all in one day.


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Dear Mari,

Many thanks for your speedy reply.

The location, Oma, I can see on my small map is a ferry port with the shortest crossing to Hakodate & looks like it is on a kind of peninsula on the very northern tip of the region of Tohoku.

My other question was regarding the JR Rail Pass which I expect o purchase in advance of my very first visit to Japan, i.e. will the JR Pass cover the Ferry and any necessary Bus costs?

I plan to arrive in Tokyo on Sunday 16th September and depart on 1st October and hope to travel as far North & South in the country as possible, using JR.

Thanks in advance for your attention to my questions.

With best regards,

Ford Nelson


Hi Ford,

Sorry Mari is holiday now. I will answer your question: )

I think it is not impossible but quite challenging route!

Tokyo to Oma

1) Tokyo to Shichinohe Towada station 3hour20min:

2) Shichinohe Towada station Mutsu bus terminal to Netanai bus stop 1hour40min

You need to take Sai line bus (Sai sen 佐井線) to Netanai bus stop (根田内). It is 53 stops!
Time table:

Please note: this timetable is only available in Japanese. Netanai bus stop is mistranslated as 'In the conduction' by Google translate.

3) Oma port to Hakodate: 1hour40min


Please note that Sai line bus service is run by non JR company Shimokita Kotsu and Ferry between Oma and Hakodate is also not run by JR so Japan Rail Pass doesn't cover these routes.

If you take shinkansen Hayate and Limited Express to Hakodate, it will take about 6 hours.

There are only two JR ferry services, JR West Miyajima ferry and JR Hakata Pusan. Japan Rail Pass covers only Miyajima Ferry.

For more detail about Japan Rail Pass validity, please check here:

I hope it helps!


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