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turnaround time for jr pass, and how to redeem (newbie)

Turnaround Time for JR pass, and How to Redeem (Newbie)


I was wondering how this works. If I purchase from this site, what would the turnaround time be if I'm in the USA?

I think I read that there was a 1 day processing time, and then 1 day from FedEx express. Can anyone confirm that is true?

As for what is received in the mail, from my impressions, it is just a coupon. And then once in Japan, we can exchange it for a 7 day pass? Is this a card that you can swipe? Or do you show it to someone?



Hi there,

We ship very quickly within the USA, most deliveries are delivered overnight. Though this does depend on what time the order is places and where exactly you live.

Once you Japan, you do indeed exchange the Exchange Order (XO) that you receive from us for the actual JR Pass. This is basically a ticket that is valid for travel on all JR lines. You show it to the station attended when entering and exiting the train platform.

Hope this helps!

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