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trip tokyo to nagoya

Trip Tokyo to Nagoya

On December 9th arrived to Tokyo from there I have to take the train to Nagoya for a football game.
I have several questions:

    • Can I pick up my Japan Rail Pass that day in any station? or where can I pick up?
    • I enter a page to see the routes to go a Nagoya appears 10:30 a.m tokyo - Shinkansen Nozomi 25 (I think this is the station) to Nagoya arrives at 12:11 pm....apart from the cost of the ticket says I have to pay the seat reservation, the Japan Rail pass cover this cost? or is a extra cost that i need to pay?

Thank you for your help

Ida Reyes
Ida Reyes

HI Ida,

Here are some answers for you:

  1. You can find a list of all the stations where you can exchange your Japan Rail Pass here.
  2. There are a couple of things here. The Japan Rail Pass does not cover Nozomi class shinkansen, so you should disable these in Hyperdia when you are doing a route search. Here's a sample search already setup for non-Nozomi shinkansen leaving from 10:30am. Seat reservations are all covered by the Japan Rail Pass so provided you use valid shinkansen there will not be any extra charge.

Hope this helps!

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thanks for your help.


Ida Reyes
Ida Reyes

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