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trip from "tokyo station - osaka, kyoto" & "tokyo - disney sea" & "tokyo - nikko"

Trip from "Tokyo station - Osaka, Kyoto" & "Tokyo - Disney Sea" & "Tokyo - Nikko"

Hi JR experts,

Am already in Japan working & My wife would be joining me in March for Trip around Japan.
Nice to be in Japan.

I need your advice in buying a best JR pass for trip around Japan.
Following is my plan
1) Day 1 & Day 2

 Tokyo-Station   to    Osaka  [See around & Stay here] - Day1
 Osaka   to  Kyoto, return to Tokyo-station     - Day2

2) Day 3

  Tokyo-station to Disney Sea -Chiba   & return to Tokyo-station

3) Day 4

Tokyo-station to Nikko\Kamakura   &  return to Tokyo-station
Tokyo-station to Mt.Fuji   &   return to Tokyo-station  [ Not sure of the weather condition ]

I would like to know if I buy JR 7 days General pass, is it sufficient to cover all these trips without any additional expense.
Or if there is a different plan available to work out these trips, please guide us.

For remaining 5 days, I have plans to see around good places in Tokyo
[ Tokyo tower, Odaiba, Ginza, Marunochi , Asakusa, Roopongi, Skytree, Shibuya ] I am fine if the JR train pass does not cover these trips. As I know this includes subway metro lines.

I am mainly concerned about Long trips[both to & fro] mentioned from Day1 - Day4.
Please assist me.

Thanks & Best Regards,


If you are living in Japan, you cannot use the JR Pass. Your wife if visiting you with a Temporary Visitor Status in her passport would be able to use one though.
The 7 day pass would pay off if you include the train ride from Narita Airport, and would be further enhanced by using it to a Nikko day trip. For just a 2 day excursion, and since you are already going to see a lot of Tokyo, personally I wouldn't bother seeing Osaka during the day - take one day to see Kyoto, a half day to see Nara, and half a day to see Himeji Castle - but you may have something in particular you want to see or do there; it's up to you. You can still enjoy Osaka in the evening when the temples and shrines close down at 5PM or so. Dotonbori in Osaka is a very nice place at night:

The views from atop the Abeno Harukas & Umeda Sky Bldg are also spectacular:

For Kyoto, there is just too much for you to really see much of in just 1 day, but the 3 must see places there are Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

You could also cover the places you want to see in Tokyo in 3 days, or 4 if very leisurely, and take a day trip to Kamakura/Enoshima or Hakone. For the former you could still use the pass if within 7 days.



Thanks for the advise & help.
Basically I am in Japan for a short term on work visa living in Kameido- From Feb to March this year.
Still I cannot get a JR Common pass??

And I will pick my wife from airport in Limousine Bus to Kinshicho, then move to kameido and from there we are starting for the trip.

I understood what you mean to advise.
What I get from your advise is that "Just 2 days excursion to Osaka is not enough".
But my plan was to cover USJ, Dotonbori in Day 1, Castle or Aquarium in at Osaka beginning of next day and then visti Kyoto[3 places you mentioned] on the way back to Tokyo.
I am trying to club Osaka & Kyoto as I do not wish to travel again to Kyoto.

Later visit Disney sea in JR line - 1 day here
Then later I would go to Kamakura - 1 day here

There is still some confusion in my mind.
Can you please let me know if JR common pass allows us to take the train to all above places for both going and returning.
i.e., Osaka, Kyoto , Disney Sea , Kamakura --- I was told these places are worth visiting though far.

Yes for places around Tokyo, I would use other Leisure days.

Please check my plan and address my concern.



You can only use a JR Pass if you have a "Temporary Visitor" stamp in your passport from Japanese Immigration (i.e. a Landing Permit or Tourist Visa). If you are on a work visa in Japan, you cannot use a full JR Rail Pass.
You can get more info on eligibility on:

Your wife on a JR Pass can go to Osaka, Kyoto, Disney Sea, Kamakura, Nikko, etc. For Disney Sea, from Tokyo Stn take a JR train to Maihama Stn (about 15 minutes). While you cannot get the full JR Pass, you appear eligible for a few regional passes, such as the JR Kanto Area Pass. You would save some money using it. See:

Best wishes and good luck.


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