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travelling in oct, tokyo-kyoto-osaka

Travelling in Oct, Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka


My friend and I will be travelling to Japan this October. We would like to know whether will it be worth it to buy a JR pass? Here's some detail about our plan:

Day 1: Arrival in Haneda Airport
Day 2: Spend day in Tokyo
Day 3: Travel to Mount Fuji (back to tokyo on the same day)
Day 4: Head to Kyoto
Day 5: Spend day in Kyoto
Day 6: Head to Osaka
Day 7: Universal Studios Japan
Day 8: Spend day in Osaka or around (maybe Nara)
Day 9: Spend day in Osaka
Day 10: Depart from Kansai International Airport

As I have read a few posts in this forum, I gathered that it is not recommended to buy JR Pass if we are not making any return trips.

Nevertheless I would like your opinion on whether we should purchase a JR Pass (for convenience and savings) or we should purchase individual tickets when we are there?

Appreciate your response.

Best regards.


Hello there,

It's always good to check (or have checked) your itinerary before travelling.

As you already read, the JR Pass is better used when you make a return trip. For your itinerary I do think that it would be better to buy normal tickets as you travel, since your long distance travel is limited to a one way ticket Tokyo - Kyoto.

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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Hi Daniel-san

Thanks for your reply.

I have another question. If we want to utilise the public transportation around the Tokyo city, Kyoto, and Osaka, is there any other passes that we could buy? Do we have to buy separate passes i.e. Osaka Amazing Pass (for Osaka), Kansai Thru Pass (for Osaka & Kyoto) and Tokyo Tour Ticket (for Tokyo)?

Do you have any recommendation?

Best regards.


Hi Again,

When looking at public transportation cards it can be hard find out how good the value is. Basically this is because every transport company has it's own pass but also it's own area of operation.

Here are some passes I would recommend.

Osaka Unlimited Pass - offers free transportation on the metro within Osaka and provides free access to many sightseeing spots. It's a great way to explore Osaka.

In Kyoto, you can buy a 500yen bus ticket, these allow for unlimited rides on the bus within the city. A normal bus ticket is 220/one ride so savings are easy to be made. Also the train/metro system in Kyoto is limited and it is best to travel around by bus.

In Tokyo you could either consider a aal day metro pass, which is around 750yen and allows unlimited travel on the Tokyo metro for a single day or the JR Tokkunai ticket, it's basically the same as the metro ticket but for the JR lines within Tokyo. Both can be purchased at any ticket machine.

Hope this helps!

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