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travelling from tokyo to tokoname with jr pass and private train line

Travelling from Tokyo to Tokoname with JR Pass and Private Train Line

On 2 Sept we are travelling from Tokyo to Tokoname which involves JR Rail and Meitetsu Rail (Private Train Line?) as per HyperDia Travel Planner. We will have a Japan Rail Pass so we will be covered from Tokyo to Nagoya to Kanayama (Aichi). We also understand that with JR Pass we will be using Shinkansen Hikari and NOT allowed on Shinkansen Nozomi unless pay extra charge? But I understand that I will need to purchase an extra ticket to travel from Kanayama to Tokoname on the Meitetsu Train? Is this correct?

Can I purchase the Meitetsu Train ticket in Tokyo when I arrange the JR Trains? Or do I have to break my travel in either Nagoya or Kanayama and purchase the Meitetsu Ticket for travel to Tokoname? I just need to understand how to purchase tickets when using both JR Trains and Private Trains in the one journey.

I look forward to your advice.


Hi there,

You are correct, the JR Pass does not cover the Meitetsu line. You can purchase tickets for this at any Meitetsu station.

The Nozomi is not included in the JR Pass and you will have to pay to full fare if you wish to travel on the Nozomi. You can take other bullet trains instead such as the Hikari and Sakura Shinkansen.

Basically, once you arrive at Nagoya station. Transfer to the Meitetsu part and buy a ticket there.

Hope this helps,

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HI Daniel,

Thank you for your advice and confirms my understanding.

You assistance has been greatly appreciated.

kind regards


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