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travelling from tokyo to nagoya via mt fuji scenery

Travelling from Tokyo to Nagoya via Mt Fuji Scenery


My wife and I are travelling to Nagoya from Tokyo in the next couple of days and after seeing the many photos of Chureito Pagoda during cherry blossom season, we would really like to stop out there for at least a couple of hours to see some of the 5 lakes region and possibly the views of Mt Fuji from the shrine. My questions are:

1) Is Chureito Pagoda too far out of the way from the train lines to reach during a transit day to Nagoya?
2) If it's possible, what is the best travel option to get there and then continue to Nagoya? (We have JR rail passes and so were hoping to go out by train but happy to hear all options.)
3) We would be travelling with 2 large suitcases, is there an option for storing luggage in one of the train stations while we walk around the 5 lakes region and Chureito Pagoda?

We appreciate your help in advance! Thank You.


Is it possible to see the Fuji 5 Lakes area, although it's on the other side of the mountain from the Tokaido bullet train tracks. As long as you don't need to see much of Nagoya that day, it is possible.
See these sites for more info:

Click on "to/From Kyoto" to get more info on getting to Nagoya.

There are lockers in most stations, however, it is difficult to say if they are too small or large enough.


Hello there,

Guess you've been inspired by one of the most famous photo's of Japan :)

1.) Going to Chureito Pagoda is possible but will require making a good journey, especially going from the Fuji Five lake area to Nagoya.

2.) With the JR Pass the best way to travel to Nagoya would mean taking the Fujikyu line from Kawaguchiko to Otsuki station. Use local JR services to travel to Shin-Yokohama station and then take the bullet train from there to Nagoya.

3.) Yes, there are plenty of lockers available. Going up to full suitcase size. There is also a store right in front of Kawaguchiko station offering free luggage storage service, additionally you can often ask the local tourist information to hold your luggage for a couple of hours. They've helped me on several occasions.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for the advice.

It looks like it will be a fairly long day but seems to be worth it. Appreciate your swift responses!


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