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travelling from tokyo to fukuoka to kyoto

Travelling from Tokyo to Fukuoka to Kyoto


I'm travelling to Tokyo with my partner. We'll be in Japan for 8 days. We want to explore Kyoto and I want to visit friends in Fukuoka and also see Kyoto on my way back to Tokyo. Is it worth both of us getting the 7-day JR Pass? Or are we better off getting separate tickets just for those journeys?

Our plan is to go Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Fukuoka -> Kyoto -> Tokyo.

Also is there a route map for the trains available?

Many thanks for your help.


Hi there,

For the itinerary you are looking at it will certainly be worthwhile using a 7 day pass. 7 day passes break even if you do 1 round trip to osaka. As you are doing significantly more travel than this you will make great savings with the pass.

You can find a set of useful maps of jr coverage here.

Hope this helps!

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Hi gmot,

A 7 day rail pass will be worth it if you spend over 28,300 yen on individual JR tickets.

Tokyo - Kyoto 13,420 yen (
Kyoto - Fukuoka 15,410 yen (
Fukuoka - Kyoto 15,410 yen
Tokyo - Kyoto 13,420 yen

Total: 57,660yen

If you purchase a 7 day rail pass from us, you will save 29,360 yen!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much Mari and Lui for your help! I took your advice and got a couple of passes!


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