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travelling from kyoto-hakone-tokyo-sapporo and back to tokyo

Travelling from Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo-Sapporo and back to Tokyo

Dear Sir,

I will be visiting Japan from 18-30th July. I will be arriving at Kansai International Airport and will stay for a night in Osaka. 19-21 I will be in Kyoto and from Kyoto will travel to Hakone for another 2 days. Then will probably go to Tokyo first for 1 night and from Tokyo I will take a plane to Sapporo for 2 nights and back again to Tokyo. on 30th, we will leave Japan through Haneda Airport, my question is, is it worth to buy 7 days JR Pass? We will only take 1 way Shinkansen from Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo.

Secondly, is there a budget plane ticket from Tokyo to Sapporo and back? How much approximately?
Is there a daily unlimited daily train tiket use or subway ticket for my stay in Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo and Sapporo?

Thanks in advance.



Hello Vincent,

I would suggest buying normal tickets if you just make a one way trip Kyoto - Tokyo, with a stop at Hakone.

Plane ticket prices depend on the period of travel, time booked and sometimes even the weather. It's hard to say what price is best. My advise would be to try a couple of websites and compare prices.

3.) Yes every city has such ticket, always purchasable at any ticket machine. For Hakone, consider the Hakone Free Pass.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Let say if I decide to skip Hakone trip,
So 4 nights Kyoto, 2 nights Sapporo and last 4 days in Tokyo.
Is it cost efficient that I take a plane from Kansai Airport to Sapporo.
And then from Sapporo direct plane to Tokyo.
I check from Jetstar if I take these flights, cost 14000 yen for each flight,
Thus I don't need to purchase any Shinkansen ticket.
Am I right?

And how many days do you recommend that I stay in Sapporo?



Hi sir
I bought JP Railpass, could you pls guide me the route on train we travel from Tokyo on 23 jul to Sapporo and from Sapporo to Nagoya on 24 Jul
Many thanks


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