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travelling during obon

Travelling during Obon


We'll be traveling with a JR Pass during Obon period (August 9th- 17th) and have read that it will be busy and should reserve tickets in advance. I'm arriving to Japan on August 1st,
--> will there still be tickets available to reserve? Is there a way to book them online previously? --> shall I reserve all trips on those days or only those involving big cities? Thank you very much


Hi Rolo,

There should be no problem at If you arrive at the first of August and sort the reservations in the first couple of days. In general I would say try to get tickets 2 days in advance for Obon.

Trains to reserve include the Shinkansen (the bullet train) and other high speed limited express trains used for longer distance travel. Say over 30min or so.

Seat Reservations can be made at any JR Station, unfortunately it is not yet possible to do so on-line.

Hope this helps!

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