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travelling around japan for around 7 weeks, how can i get a jr pass to cover this please?

Travelling around Japan for around 7 weeks, how can I get a JR pass to cover this please?

Hi there

I'll be travelling around Japan for around 7 weeks from 9 October-30 November (Tokyo-Japan Alps-Kyoto-Nagasaki and back to Toyko I think will be the basic itinerary with a few other excursions tbc!). The longest JR pass validity is 21 consecutive days, what would you suggest as the best option to cover all of this period for the best value please? Could I for example buy 2 x 21 day passes before I leave and set the start date for one of them to begin when the other ends when I exchange my passes please?

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Hi there,

2 x 21 day passes with staggered activation in Japan is fine, and is a very popular choice for those travellers who are exploring more of Japan. It's always good to bear in mind the per day costs of the JR Passes as they get cheaper as the period of use grows:

  • 7 day = ¥4043/day
  • 14 day = ¥3221/day
  • 21 day = ¥2747/day

Of course, in reality you are unlikely to spend ¥, rather you'll have expensive trips on bullet trains coupled with cheaper days on local trains. That said, the 21 day pass does offer the best value for money so I can certainly recommend it in your case.

I've just mentioned this in another post, but for a trip such as yours I really recommend you purchase the book "Japan By Rail". The 3rd edition is available shortly, and is packed with all the information you will need to visit all the hidden parts of Japan with a JR Pass. As you could making such an investment in your travel I really recommend this book - it's extremely comprehensive and will make planning your trip much more rewarding.

Hope this helps!

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