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travelling 10days nagoya - tokyo - day trip to kawasakidaichi - kyoto - nagoya

Travelling 10days Nagoya - Tokyo - Day trip to Kawasakidaichi - Kyoto - Nagoya

I am looking for some advice on using the Japan Rail Pass for travelling between Nagoya - Tokyo - kawasakidaichi - kyoto and back to Nagoya again in a 11 days round trip.
We are travelling in a group of 4 and we are not sure if it is better to get the JRP or buy single one way tickets.
The details of our itinerary is:
Day 1 - Arrive Nagoya airport and straight on the shinkansen to tokyo
Day 2, 3, 4 - spent in Tokyo
Day 5 - day trip to kawasakidaichi for the kanamara matsuri
Day 6 - Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto
Day 7, 8 at Kyoto
Day 9 - Shinkansen from Kyoto to Nagoya
Day 10 - Nagoya

We are looking at getting the JRP to cover for the major travelling from Nagoya to Tokyo and Kyoto. The 7-day pass will cover most of it and the remaining trip from Kyoto to Nagoya on Day 9 will be bought as a single trip ticket. Hopefully we can buy the ticket 1 week in advance and be able to get some discount (if the Hikari Hayatoku Kippu is still available, anyone knows?).

My question is :
1. Is the JRP 7-day ticket worth to buy for this itinerary route?
2. Can we get to the Kanamara Festival using our JRP ticket? Is Kawasakidaichi the correct station?
3. Is the JRP still valid to be used on local train lines in Tokyo and Kyoto?
4. If we are arriving at Nagoya Airport, how do we get the JRP voucher exchanged for a JRP ticket?

Hopefully someone can advise us on the above and we can buy our tickets soonest.
Thank you!



Hi Sabrina,

1.) Here's a little list of tickets which you could cover with the JR Pass, given that you'd start using it right away.

Nagoya - Tokyo ¥ 10,580
Tokyo - Kawasakidaishi (return) ¥580 covered (and ¥260 for the last part traveled on the Keikyu line)
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,220
+local travel around Tokyo.

This adds up to ¥ 24,380, the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 28,300 so for now I think that it would be better to buy tickets as you travel. Of course it is close and adding a little travel would quickly make the JR Pass pay off.

2.) I've not visited the festival (yet) but Kawasakidaishi seems to be the right station from what I read online. It is also possible to travel to JR Kawasaki station and take the bus for Daishi (bus No. 23).

3.) The JR Pass can be used on both the local JR Network around Tokyo and Kyoto. Other kinds of transport such are the metro are not included.

4.) If you do have a JR Pass, then you can activate it and Nagoya station and hop on the Shinkansen right away.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your effort in checking the info and replying to my query!
I agree that it looks like we are quite close to the mark on making the JRP worthwhile to buy as we are saving about ¥ 4,000 if bought based on individual tickets.

You mentioned that to make it worthwhile, we need to add a little travel. The only travel that we may add on to the list is the internal travelling within Tokyo and Kyoto on the JR Lines. Can the JR line reach most of the sightseeing spots or will the metro/subway be a better option to get around? If the latter is better, then we will most likely proceed as per your recommendation to buy single tickets as we go along.

Thank you in advance!



Hi Sabrina,

Honestly I don't think that you would make up that amount with just local travel around Tokyo/Kyoto. Therefor I still think it would be best purchasing normal tickets as you go.

Enjoy Japan!

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