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traveling from toyko to beppu

Traveling from toyko to beppu


Its my partners and i anivesry so werr travelling to japan for 14days give or take.

We land on the 14th december in narita
We want to see
toyko tower one peice
Usj for attack on titan world
Studi ghilbi musem

Then on the 20th to 23rd we want to go to beppu
Is there any advice on traveling to these places with a JR pass? All my friends say the pass is worth saving money.
Our itinerary is still being worked on :3



Hi Hanah,

Yes, going from Tokyo to Beppu is quite a long trip when it comes to distances and using a JR Pass here will allow you to make very considerable savings, compared to purchasing normal tickets. The JR Pass also covers travel to Tokyo, USJ and back to Narita Airport. It's your single ticket for all these places as well as for local JR lines in Tokyo and Osaka, in other words its convenient too.

I would also like to share this itinerary with you. Its a write up I did some time ago of an itinerary that roughly follows the same lines as yours. Maybe it will give you some inspiration.

Hope this helps,

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Hi daniel san

Thanks its given me some ideas
We have a lovely place in beppu booked for 3days id love to visit osaka and kyoto
But im terrible at planning



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