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traveling from tokyo to kyoto, then to osaka, & back to tokyo.

Traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto, then to Osaka, & back to Tokyo.

ill be traveling with my wife to japan for a duration of 21 days (2nd of april till the 24th of april), im planning to visit Kyoto (5 nights) & Osaka (5 nights) and then return to toyko before taking my plane to go back to my country.

i was looking at the Bullet train (Shinkansen) bookings, but i havent been able to find a custom way to book the tickets (including seat reservations), as my friends who have visited japan before recommended that i use the JR pass, but i havent been able to fully understand how the JR pass benefits me for traveling between makor cities (however the internal trained are quiet simple to understand), my main questions are:

1- how & where am i able to purchase these tickets?
2- would there be any benefit of purchasing them online, if possible (beforehand of arrival to japan)?
3- are these tickets useful in all 3 major cities?

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Hello Abdulrahman,

It's not possible to buy/reserve tickets online (unless you speak Japanese). Seat reservations can be made in Japan at any JR Station, here is how to go about it. Trains rarely sell out and getting tickets 20min before departure works fine. Its only on national holidays that it is recommended to reserve tickets a couple of days in advance.

Hope this helps,

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