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traveling between tokyo,kyoto and hiroshima

Traveling between Tokyo,Kyoto and Hiroshima

I am a little nervous about figuring out the JR pass. We will be traveling between Tokyo Kyoto and Hiroshima.

Which train station will we need to travel from to get from the Intercontinental at Tokyo Bay to the Crowne Plaza Kyoto?

From the Crowne Plaza Kyoto which train/station will we need to get to the Crowne Plaza Hiroshima?

I have looked at hyperedia a little but just wanted some advice from the experts :)

Thanks for the help


Hi there!

Shinagawa station is very close to your hotel, you can take the Shinkansen from Shinawaga station to Kyoto station. To get to Shinagawa station for your hotel either take a local from Hinode (station) or taxi.

From Kyoto station -> Bay to the Crowne Plaza. I looked up the hotel but it's a bit hard to get too. I would recommend taking the taxi the first time to get your luggage stored. You can then explore Kyoto on your own leisure. It is also possible to take a bus from Kyoto station, please ask the bus staff for the right bus number.

From Kyoto - Hiroshima, first travel to Kyoto station, from there you can directly take the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. From Hiroshima station either take the tram or metro to Fukuro machi. From there you can walk to your hotel.

Hope this helps!

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