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travel using jr pass from kawaguchiko to nagoya

Travel using JR Pass from Kawaguchiko to Nagoya

Hi. I want to travel from Kawaguchiko to Nagoya, using my JR Pass as much as possible. i understand that I'll need to go partway on a different bus or train system.
I will be travelling with my nephew, so i'd like to make it as simple as possible - ie I'd rather take a little bit longer if it means fewer stops and changes.
If we go to Otsuki first, would the inland train route be more scenic? We'll be coming back from Hiroshima direction on the Shinkansen anyway, so we'll already be seeing that other route.
Also - if we do go the route from Otsuki is there anywhere interesting to stop and visit for an hour or two on the way or should we just focus on getting to Nagoya.



Hi there,

The option with the least stops is to use a bus from Kawaguchiko - Mishima and use the Shinkansen from there to nagoya. You can also use the train from Otsuki to Tokyo, and then the Shinkansen from there. This however requires more stops but is more economic with the JR Pass.

You could make a stop at Shizoaka to try some of the local tea and view Fuji from there, before travelling on to Nagoya.

Hope this helps,

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