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travel pass for central honshu & hokkaido

Travel pass for Central Honshu & Hokkaido


Please advise what travel passes will be useful for my travel below:

  • First half of trip: 6D5N from Tokyo > Ikaho Onsen (stay 1 night) > Karuizawa (stay 2 nights) > Takayama (stay 2 nights) > Tokyo
  • Second half of trip: 7D6N from Tokyo > Sapporo (stay 4 nights) > Noboribetsu (stay 1 night) > Hakodate (stay 1 night) > Tokyo

I am wondering if a 14 day JR pass can cover all the above travel because I think some parts in the first half of trip can only travel by buses. Or do you recommend two different travel passes for use in the above plan? The flight in and out of Japan will be at Narita Airport.

Thank you for your assistance on the above.



Hi Misty,

A 14 day JR Pass would be the easiest option, as you can nearly cover all your travel with it. There are some local buses involved for getting to Ikaho Onsen but this is only around 500yen / one way. While the rest of your travel will be covered by the 14 day JR Pass. There is also no other pass that covers travel to Karuizawa, Takayama and Sapporo, other than the 14 day JR Pass. So in a way its an easy choice.

Hope this helps,

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