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travel: osaka - kyoto -tokyo - osaka

Travel: Osaka - Kyoto -Tokyo - Osaka

Hi all,

I will travel for 08 days from 29 Nov to 06 Dec. I will spend:
02 days in Osaka
02 days in Kyoto
02 days in Tokyo
Then return to Osaka and depart after that.

I intend to buy a 7 days Pass. However, I will have a long journey from Kansai airport to Osaka Namba and visa versa. So when should I activate my JR Pass in order to cover all the long trip?

Thanks a lot for your support in advance.


Hello there,

The most expansive travel by for is going to Tokyo and back, so using the JR Pass to cover this part is key. Then try to add as much travel to make the best savings possible. I would add the return to Kansai Airport as well, so that would then be the last day for the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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If you are in Japan for 6 days, then using the pass as much as possible will save you the most. If you want to increase your savings as well as see some amazing Japanese sights, instead of 2 days in Osaka use one of them for Nara. It was also a former capital of Japan and one of the cultural jewels of the country. If you are seeing Tokyo, Osaka is mostly a clone of it anyway. But there are some great places at night in Osaka at night like Dotonbori, plus the night views from the Umeda Sky Bldg that you should not miss. You could also take half a day to see Himeji, which has Japan's finest castle - that would guarantee a lot of savings from a 7 day pass.


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