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travel near golden week

Travel near Golden Week

We are arriving in NRT on April 21 and are wanting to do the following:

Narita Airport to Nagoya (4/21)
Nagoya to Yokkaichi (4/22)
Yokkaichi to Tokyo (4/23)
Sightseeing around Tokyo (4/24-4/26)

Does it make sense to buy a rail pass?

Would the rail pass be good on Tokyo subways and busses?

Will we need reservations during these dates?

Many thanks for any replies!


Hi there!

Depending on your other travel it may be worth to consider a 7 day JR Pass, here's a little ticket breakdown to show you why.

Narita Airport - Nagoya ¥ 12,890
Nagoya - Yokkaichi ¥ 460
Yokkaichi - Tokyo ¥ 10,910
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 2,740

For a total of ¥ 27,000, now this is 1,300yen short of the price of a 7 Day JR Pass but it would be easy to reach this amount with local travel around Tokyo, you could also consider making a day trip from Tokyo to almost anywhere :)
The JR Pass covers the JR network in Tokyo with can be used to reach most places around the metropolis, other transport methods such as the Tokyo Metro and non JR Buses are not covered.

I hope this helps!

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